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please help i have been experiencing symptoms  for the last few months ever since spring break. While drunk i caught my penis in my zipper bad enough to cause it to bleed alittle. Later that night i ended up hooking up with some random girl. I used a condom and figured everything would be fine. I didnt have the condom on when i received oral sex. I didnt think any thing of it until when i returned home. i noticed that my penis was red and swollen around where the cut was. It seemed to heal and the swelling went away after a few days but my penis has been red and painful ever since. I got pains in my side seeming where my liver was and then seemed like i had a swollen spleen. I was also having terrible night sweats. I tried to deal with whatever it was i was sure it would clear it up. pain in my side was causing problems at work so i went and saw a doctor.  said it was probably viral. I have also been experiencing headaches. sore throat. painful eyes with discharge. itching all over. skin seems to be red and inflamed. chest pains and fatigue. just not feeling my self. it also burns when i pee. my hands and feet also seem to have a burning sensation sometimes.
I have seen 2 different doctors and had multiple tests. negative for all stds tests think ive had every one including hiv except syphillis.   These symptoms are so confusing to me. The doctors dont seem to be able 2 figure it out either. the burning pain in my penis seems to get worse with stress anything sexual also causes pain and discomfort. I want to try and see a urologist and see if they can help.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? please help


How old are you?