I have a lump on the boundary between the corner of my lip and just outside my lip. It is slightly more on the outside of the lip, seeming like the swelling carries over onto the lip. After 4ish days, it had a white head and looked like a pimple. I popped it (it was embarrassing and I wanted it off my face), but the red area of swelling has remained a week later and I can't seem to get it to subside. It seems like it is slowly going away, but it's still a red area of swelling. I also have noticed that I have a pimple forming just under my chin and on the side of my neck, and a small one on the other side of my chin. Since I'm having these pimples pop up, I'm led to assume that the cold is triggering an acne flareout, but the one near my lip is what concerns me. I have had none of the symptoms of herpes (no headaches, no tingling, no pain, no burning or itching, no swollen glands, nor have I ever had anything on the inside of my mouth). Does this sound like a pimple?

Further info, I used to have acne growing up, but I went on Accutane and have been mostly clear until now. I'm 25, male, and I just started skiing a lot more now that it's winter. I kissed someone in the last month but otherwise have not been involved with anyone.