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Hey, I am very nervous to explain this to my parent, and or doctor. I don't know if this is life threatening but I need to know.

I am 17, turning 18 this year. I've never had a sexual intercourse because I'm being a better person and saving that gift till later until I marry my loved one. However, I can remember this when it started around age 13. I've done research about it, and never seen it before but I'm guessing and hoping it's "Hair Follicles". I am a hairy person.

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Note. I do have acne. I have a few patches of bumps on my arm. When I was a kid age 7 I had a ring worm on my left leg that I was doing home remedy, in which went away. Using lots of coco butter and other supplements.

These bumps are only located under. Not on top, none of the side, nor the shaft(tip/head). 

When I however squeeze them it hurts like hell, as if they are some sort of small beads that's ripping through my thin layer of skin under neath.  It also, sometimes itches on the side, causing me to massage/lightly rub my nails against the skin. 

Im just nervous, scared what my gf will do if she sees it, and think I have some sort of disease in which I don't. Is this normal? What is it? I need answers. 


Otherwise if i need to go to the doctor  tor what should I say exactly? I'm very nervous to even talk about it. As of law, if you're under 18 when you go to the doctor a parent has to be with. I don't know what I'm going to do or what shall I do.