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Right well I'm 15, a virgin and haven't had any sexual activity. My question is, recently I've noticed some little bumps on the shaft of my penis, testicles, and running along the under side of my penis all the way to the head of my penis. They look a lot like goose bumps. I haven't got an STD because like I said, I'm a virgin. So I'm just wondering is it anything I should be worried about, is it contagious, how did I get them and, most importantly, what the heck are they? Side note, its not heat rash, because I've had it for at least 7-8 months now. It's not spreading at all but the ones on the under side of my penis have started to bunch together but no more are coming up in that area so its not spreading. Any answer is appreciated! Thank you!


Nothing to worry about at all ;-) They are called Fordyce spots, and they are totally normal – a lot of guys have them. They are caused by overactive sebaceous glands  - the glands in the pores tht produce skin oils. They can be red, yellowish or skin-colored. You probably notice them much more than anyone else would, since they are on your skin. It’s not a good idea to try rubbing or  squeezing them; they will not go away like this, and you are liable to damage the skin and leave permanent scars. Just make sure you keep things clean down there, use a condom if you are sexually active, and use a penis vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep the skin down there healthy overall.