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my last period was on june 7th and it lasted its regular 5 days. i had unprotected sex around june 22nd..23rd ish. my next period is due july 5th. the only symptom of pregnancy i've had is tenderness of breasts. but during the week of the 22 till about the 28th i had some i dunno what that means. could i be pregnant?


unprotected sex is unprotected sex.

there is no magic window where you can have it and be safe!

if you are due on on the 5th of july, that means you ovulated (your egg was released for fertilization) around the 21st. you had sex on the 22nd.

this means that you had unprotected sex when you were ovulating, at your most fertile time.

If i was you, i would have taken the emergency contraceptive. but that had to be taken up to 5 days after the sex, and its too late now.

If you miss your period, get a home pregnancy test. they are 99% accurate from a week after the first day your missed period was due.

its possible you are pregnant.

for the love of god, USE A CONDOM next time!