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right ok.. so me and my previous boyfriend had sex 2 months ago, unprotected!  and im not sure whether i could be pregnant. i got 2 periods after this, but missed my period completely this month. ive heard off different people i have spoke to about all this and some have told me that theres still a chance you can be pregnant, even when youve had your periods. my periods were fine and around the same date before i missed my period this month & im worried i could be pregnant.

i told the babys dad that ive missed my period this month and he is very supportive, and has assured me he will stick around if the test does come out posative. i have been getting other symptoms of pregnancy but believe it is my mind playing games. im really confused and would really like some help with this.. if anyone went through this and it the test did turn out pregnant, please let me know and give me some advice.




oh dear take atest