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I'm as regular as clockwork with my periods. You can guess the dates by them. I've been trying to conceive for the last 2 months with no success. My partner and I had unprotected sex twice but this was after my most fertile few days (didn't have any during).

This month I'm two days late. I'm getting minor cramps but nothing like I usually get (my periods are very painful) and there's no blood at all. Not even spotting.

I've done 2 tests (a cheap nasty one, lol, and a proper expensive one that tells you the amount of weeks you're pregnant). Both came back negative.

Is it possible I conecived late and that's why they're negative or am I'm just stressing so much that it's keeping my period from starting (if that's possible, lol)? I'm so upset getting the negative tests back all the time but having no period.

Help! xxx :cry:


hey, i would imagine its the stress of not being pregnant thats delayed your period

it is possible that you may be pregnant - you should take a good test like first response on the first day of your missed period

try not to try too hard to get pregnant - you need to be nice and relaxed and then it will just happen (as long as nothing else is wrong)

a lot of women try so much that they get depressed when they dont get pregnant

don't forget it can take up to 2 years to get pregnant

make sure you're taking folic acid, arent smoking/drinking alcohol and (your partner should also not be smoking/drinking alcohol as this reduces fertility) and dont plan when you are going to try - just try as many times in the month as your schedules allow (that way you wont stress as much around ovulation)

good luck and keep us posted


Neither of are drinking and we've never smoked. I have...well...super duper folic acid pills because I'm a diabetic (which is all ok too).

My family didn't approve when I got pregnant when a condom split and me and my partner were both too stupid to get the morning after pill. I was isolated from my family and classed as an outcast. My parents even threatened me and my friends. In the end I went through a tearful surgical termination that I deeply regret and I've never gotten over. This was all almost a year ago now and myself and my partner have been working on getting our lives as a couple back together. When we got engaged and decided to actually try for a baby I was so happy.

Now I don't know how much more I can take. Last month I had a posative test and for a day I was over the moon. I came on the next day. The test must have been faulty. That was upsetting. Now my period is 3 days late (and as I said I'm like clockwork) plus everyone around me is pregnant or just had babies and it's really getting difficult to cope with now.

Thank you for replying. It's nice that people out there are still decent and want to give advise and help someone they don't even know, :-)