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I have 4 kids already and this is different. 2periods ago I started on the 16th of the month. In Sept. I started on the 14th, however I only go for 3 days. ON my 3rd day we thought we were done and my husband and I had sex and he came in me( not on purpose) then I started bleeding for another day after that. About a week ago the smell of food made me sick, and I have been throwing up at anytime of the day. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant and can I take a test now to see.


I think a pregnancy test would be a good idea and I think there are some test kits that can tell you very early on. It's entirely possible that you got pregnant 2 cycles ago and that could have been the reason for a lighter period in Sept. Normally you won't ovulate until around 14 days after your period.
I have 5 kids and had periods for the first 3 months of the pregnancy with all of them. They are all healthy and happy.

Let us know how you are doing! :-)