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Me and my boyfriend had sex while on my period! I was on the pill a month ago, but had to come off it as it wasnt go for me i took one of the pills this morning how effective is it to fall pregnant if he came inside me while on my period?? i am so scared and really dont want to have a baby or have an abortion if i am :-(


Tho possible, it is un likely that you will get pregnant while on your period.
During your period your body works to shed the iuterine lining that has been building up over the last month in preperation for pregnancy. When you don't become pregnant, small uterine contractions begin, encouraging the unfertilized egg and unused ENDOMETRIUM to shed from the uterus and thru the vagina. This means there is no egg in the FALLOPIAN tube to become fertilized and no lining to help a developing embryo to implant itself properly.

Taking one of the pills would not help you at all.

If you can not take the pill, there are several other forms of birth control that are available to you.
Sometimes women have to try many different types until they find the right one that works best for them.

What about condoms for now?
That would make it a lot easier on your mind. Do you want to worry each and every time you have intercourse?