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Hi. I am 36 years old and this last period has lasted almost 3 months. It hasn't been always heavy of course, but I've been bleeding or spotting the entire time without even one day's break from it. Has anyone else ever experienced or heard about anything like this? Am I going through early menapause? I've never had children.


Hi, I have a similar case. I am 20 I tried the Depo Shot for birth control method. I've been on my period for about 4 months now. I've read up on this and i saw that this shot can cause bleeding to be a side effect.
I've had it light then heavy but just the same not one day with out bleeding.
I'm not sure if this is fully the shots fault or something wrong with me.

I would suggest the only way to find out whats really going on, to talk to your doctor. It could be something else going on.

I'm scared but i have an appointment Monday.
I hope for the best.

Best of luck.
Feel better soon.


HEllo well I can tell you I am only 15 and
I had the same problem and I went to my doc. and I have ovarian cysts and my doc put me on birth control I is ok just go see your regular doctor and tell them about it and it will be just fine.