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Hello, I just turned 35 and have been having female issues for several years, mainly infertility. I do have a 2,5 y/o son, concieved naturally. Have been trying for another baby for 2 yrs, no luck, but the point is I've been monitoring my periods (length, symptoms, etc) because of this. The last few months I've been having shorter / irregular periods 24-27 days long. Also the bleeding has been eighter very short (3 days), very light, or very heavy with blood clots. It seems like my periods are never the same anymore, everything just varies every month. I had 2 periods in December, and the last one has been going on for 7 days now. The bleeding has stopped, but I still have this weird bloody mucus every time I go to the bathroom. Not a whole lot, only when I wipe (reddish brown). I also experienced heavy bleeding this time, but surprisingly no blood clots at all. Anyone has any similar experiences?


Hi ive had that same problem since i was about 16 im 20 now. I had periods that would last anywhere from 1 to 40 days long at some points its embarrassing and uncomfortable. My doctor said it was because of my weight i was only 117 pounds and said it should go stop oncei gained a little weight. I was put on Birth control for 2 months to regulate them and it was okay after that for a while. But then i took 2 depo shots for weight gain and didnt get my period for a year and a half i just got it in december but I to am having infertility problems im waiting for an apointment with my gyno!