Hi, I had a 3mm kidney stone that I wasn't able to pass because my kidney was too swollen and it was stuck at the tip, so the urologist went in and took it out with a scope, and put a stent in from my kidney to my bladder because it was swollen to help my pee go along and whatever. I'm a 17 year old female, and when I pee it burns like lava. I haven't been drinking a lot because i'm slightly nauseous. If I drink a lot of water will the burning decrease when I pee? Or will it just make me have to pee more, with the burning staying the same, because thats really what i'm afraid of, if i drink too much water i'lll have to suffer more. I don't mind peeing every 6 minutes, as long as it's not like pissing out a hot sword. get what i'm saying?
Has anyone had one of these before and know anything that could make it better? I mean even slightly better will be completely appreciated! I am in agony!
not as much as before though when I thought I was going to pass it.

thank you guys :-( :-(