:'( I have an enlarged prostate which makes urination difficult sometimes accompanied by bleeding. I am on finestaride and rapaflo and taking saw palmetto and some other prescription meds for other health issues. I also take hot baths 1-2 times daily to help shrink my enlarged prostate. My PSA recently was 2.7

Any antibiotics I take, like cipro and bactrim have caused a rash and constipation making urination even more difficult. My urination is especially difficult at night when I have to strain to get the urine out. I get up erratically, sometimes every 2 hours or even more frequently. I have stopped drinking liquids 3 hours before bed as advised by my urologist. Is there anything else I can do to ease this straining problem? And is there any antibiotic that will not constipate me making my urination problems worse?

Thank you, Bob