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Hi everyone, I'm a type 1 and have been taking insulin for many years. I was wondering are there any type 1's who don't use insulin? I've been thinking I would like to stop taking it if it is possible. Can you get your blood sugar levels under control with type 1 with say just diet? I would love to hear from any type 1's out there that are able to control their sugar levels without insulin. I'd like to learn how to do this. You know, diabetes is very expensive to deal with and I'm thinking I could save a lot of money if I could stop taking insulin.


Hello, I'm a type 1 and I rarely take insulin. I learned of Dr. Bernstein's diet. Dr. Bernstein is a doctor who is a type 1 and has been so since he was 12 years old. Not only has he developed a dietary system but has has been able to reverse many of his diabetes complications. The nice thing about his diet is that anyone can use it, diabetic or not. You might want to check out one of his books titled “The Road to Diabetes”. Bernstein looks at foods in a simple way by dividing them into foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and those that simply don't. You just need to stay away from the foods that cause a rapid rise. To follow this plan you are required to eat measured amounts of these foods. This takes a little work at first but after while it becomes second nature. His diet allows for 30 grams of what he calls effective carbs per day meaning this is a low-carb diet. His book provides many suggestions on foods that you can substitute for high carb foods making the diet an interesting one. Those who have found the diet (many type 1's) swear by it so as long as you can stick with the diet you should be able to leave your insulin behind. You can always go back to insulin when needed and then stop taking when you're in control again.