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i've had sex before but never bled.But just yesterdayi had sex and was bleeding after that. Also i'm not sure if he fully put his penis in me. I think it was just half way and he didn't use a condom.
Also my stomach hurts a bit right now and my periods just got over 3-4 days back.
I'm worried that something cud be wrong. Hopefully not...


There is nothing worse than discovering blood right after you have had a fabulous sex. I once found myself in the same situation and I freaked out as I was not sure what caused this. I must admit I was too scared to go to see the doctors so I searched the internet a bit and I found some information that scared me even more than my gynecologist would, I assume.
Anyways, I came across the site which provides info on this answer, and I will share these with you now, I hope these will be of use for you, as there might be something you could point your finger at.
So there are some sexually transmitted diseases stated, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis. You search more info about these diseases and find out what symptoms are so that you can compare them to what you feel.
Also, the bleeding could be the result of vaginitis or vaginal yeast infection, cervical dysplasia, cervical or uterine polyps, endometritis and fibroid tumors.
I know this sounds a bit frightening, I was also very afraid of going to see the doc as I was in fear what he might tell me, but you just need to have it done. Fingers crossed!


I just had sex like 6 hours ago with my boyfriend. We did use a condom, and I just got over my period like 2 days ago it only stays for 3 days but after I had sex with my boyfriend. I went to the bathroom and was bleeding again BUT IT WAS PINK AND I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I don't no whats going on. can somebody help me pleaseeeeeeee.....

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hi i seem to blled lightly when i get fingered and sometimes after sex, what is this>>is it dangerous?? :-(