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i have been back and for to my gy for months now due to abnormal bleeding after intercourse, besides some slight discomfort this is my only symptom. i have tried every suggestion given from creams to adjusting my birth control pill but nothing seems to be making a difference. i find the discomfort to be getting worse, although the bleeding isnt everytime. if the problem continues into the next month i am to go back to my doctor and discuss cyro freezing of my cervix. i am only 21 years old with all normal paps and blood work. i can't see why this is my only option or why it would even help. please let me know if you have any advice or suggetions.

also my bf has just recently told me that he had previously contracted HPV, but the low-risk version with genital worts. he is worried that he is the cause of my problem. im not sure because i was tested for every possible diease and the tests came back clean. i even had an ultrasound of my uterus and cervix which were also clean.

anything you can add to my knowlesge about this problem and my doctor's suggestions would be a huge help.


i had sex for the first time a month ago.. didnt blled the first time,,, but now every time i have sex i bleed why is that,, i also have the very bad burning and then its hurts alot,, i keep going to the toilet n pee very little,, why is that,, is something wrng with me?