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I have neevr had sex.
But i just noticed that i am itchy and it is red.
Also a little swolen.
Has anyone had this.. could i wait to see what happends.
Or is it serious.
Becuse that im still a teen i would rather not ask my mother to bring em to the doctors for a problem down there.
what can i do myself to help me?


I ahev the same thing and I am not getting answers.. we're in the same exact situation


Hello there,

I know that you don’t want to ask your mother about this problem because you are embarrassed but I presume that you are aware of the fact that she is your mother and that she will do anything she can to help you.

You are probably suffering from some kind of infection and unfortunately this is something that needs to be treated. So, even if you tell to your mother you will have to see your doctor and it is better to go with your mother than by yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can do on your own about this matter. First of all you don’t know what is in question and second you could make your condition even worse. Talk to your mother.