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Hi, Im 16 years old now, and havnt have any sex in over a year (used to have a girlfriend I allways had sex with, but we broke up) Iv have the redness and ichyness (doesnt really ich that much) for a while now, probly 6 or 7 months. Iv tryed different things and havnt had any luck with geting rid of it. My current girl friend is scared to do anything, and I dont blam her, and Iv talked to my ex and she said she doesnt have anything (no ichying and redness). The only problim I have is the redness and ichying, other wise no real pain or anything. I think it could be some type of small rash, but i really want it to go away.

Any help would be great, Thanks


I would advise you to see a dermatologist. It is the best way to realize what your problem is. There are many skin disorders and diseases and only an experienced doctor’s eye can recognize it. Whenever I saw a dermatologist, all my skin troubles went away.

Most of the creams they prescribe are very strong and should not be used a lot and often but I have been to a dermatologist for a few different things and I always got the prescription I needed.

Your skin may be reacting to some kind of irritant you aren’t even aware of, like a detergent or something or it could be a skin disorder. In my opinion, you better have it checked. The sooner you do it, the better! I am sure your new girlfriend would appreciate it as well.