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Swolen lymph node (right), black and white spots on back of throat (looks like a fungus), upset stomach, headache, and swolen spot under the eye (left).

These are the symtoms my gf has right now. She is going to go try and see a doctor about it tomorrow but of course Im a bit worried about her and of course myself because we just noticed the fungus like things on the back of her throat. I kiss her so if I need to I may need to get checked out myself though I have none of the symptoms yet. I understand a lot of people may have this but Im mostly just trying to find out what it is and of course anything that might get rid of it above anything a doctor may proscribe. If anyone has any idea on what it is and can possibly post a link to a reputable website that has info on it please let me know. Ill be searching myself but hopefully one of you can aid me.


I have all the same symptoms, I went to the Doctors this morning. I do not have strep, he said it looks like a virus and should go away in a few days and I do not need to worry about it.