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hello!! i got a problem with my eyes.. its jus that they water a lot.. people even ask me if i was crying.. i dnt know y does this happen.. i had glasses.. .5 and .25 i even wore them a good time then stopped wearing them..

i guess it happens in most of the situations but the only thing that is noticeable is that.. my eyes mostly water if they are exposed to sun light or amatter of fact any kinda light.. like bulbs or tubelights... its like a single tear rolling down till my chin...

1] do i have any major problem with my eyes.. does it require immediate doctors is it normal? is there any way that o can prevent this from happening.. replies will be highly appreciated.. thanks!!


Hello there chris

It seems that you have very sensitive eyes. When you say that you have stopped wearing your glasses do you mean that your doctor has told you to stop wearing them or you have done this on your own? I hope that you haven’t and that for some reason your doctor has decided that you don’t need glasses anymore.

Since this problem reoccurs every time when you are exposed to bright light you will probably have to wear glasses again so the best thing you can do now is to visit your doctor as soon as possible. After examination he will let you know about your options and what you can do but I presume that wearing the glasses is going to be only option.