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I have been to the doctors over and over again with a sore burning vagina, white discharge (mostly thrushlike symptons). They have taken loads of tests vaginal and urine and they say i just keep getting thrush and wee infections.

Now I'm getting really bad tummy pains in the top of my tummy everytime I get these symptons (they still say its thrush) but all the pills and creams they give me take away the tummy aches and not the vaginal soreness..?

I was wondering if anyone knows if it could be anything else....



I dont want to scare you but sometimes herpes is misdiagnosed to recurrent yeast infections. If your sexually active I would get a test. Another thing you can ask for is difucan(I think thats the way you spell it) I had a yeast infection that wouldnt leave for like a whole summer I took the pill and it was gone the next day. Good luck give a me up date :-D