I have been suffering from recurrent yeast infections/bacterial vaginosis for almost 2 years now, but this time around things are very different. I found out that I was pregnant for the very first time on May 20th and ultimately had a miscarriage on June 6th. Besides from all of the bleeding and cramping, my vag felt very normal under the circumstances. It wasn't until I had my first period after the miscarriage on July 6th did I start getting that familiar itch. I need to mention that a couple of months ago, I noticed a few scab like circles on my clitoris. I've been tested for std's and everything comes back negative. They'll be flesh colored and every few days they'll scab over. Now back to the story. My bf and I had sex in the middle of July and it was then that I smelled that I had BV. I went to my midwife, and she confirmed my suspicions. I started Metrogel 5-day treatment, and on the 4th day I noticed 3 fissures around the vaginal opening. I couldn't get in to see my midwife that day so I went to the nearest urgent care thinking I had been infected with herpes somehow. The doctor there examined me and said that they were just anal fissures, although they were no where near the anus, and prescribed 1 Diflucan for yeast. I went back to my midwife the next day, she swabbed the scabs and the fissures that were already healing less than 24 hours later, she also did the normal swab for yeast and BV. The herpes tests came back negative, but so did the yeast and BV tests. Now I'm stuck with yellowish discharge, EXTREME external vaginal itching, and swollen lymph nodes with no explanation why. My midwife nor my doctor knew what was wrong, so I went to the closest thing to a genital dermatologist I could find. I went from thinking I had LS to contact dermatitis and I just prayed (while sitting in a tub filled with baking soda) that the new doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. By the time I got to the doctor, the discharge varied everyday from being a chunky yellow (which the doctor assumed was from the baking soda) to a smelly bloody like discharge (which he thinks is from the Daysee birth control that I am on). He prescribed a topical steroid and Nystatin for the itching, but still no diagnosis! It's been a couple of days now, the itching has slowed down tremendously with the help of the creams so I no longer need the baking soda baths, but the discharge still persists and the bleeding goes from just when I wipe to staining my underwear throughout the day, and the yellowish discharge is no longer chunky, it's runny. I need someone to tell me what to do! I want my normal happy, healthy vagina back! :-(