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I am sooo bloated that I LOOK PREGNANT!!!! I kid you not. I am little - 5 foot tall, 112 lbs, And in the last week or so, my tummy has protruded out so much that I LOOK pregnant. My jeans are tight even.

A little history, I had my children VERY young.. (let's just say I'm 31 and my boys are 14 & 16) During my 2nd pregnancy they found HPV, and by the time I had the baby and they could fix it, it had converted into cervical cancer. I had laser surgery and they removed about 80% of my cervix. Afterwards they told me I had about a 20% chance of getting pregnant, but only about a 3% chance of carrying to full term. At that time I made the decision to have a tubal ligation. The tubal was performed about 12 yrs ago. *i know, very young.. LOL*

I have been on Chantix for 2 wks, and quit smoking 5 days ago. (related)
Well I was due to start my monthy cycle about 1 week before I started my chantix, and it never came. Still hasn't - so this is alarming to me. I mean the chance of pregnancy is EXTREMELY slim, so I am hoping the stress of quitting smoking prolonged my cycle.. and that perhaps the chantix is bloating me?? Hoping??

Maybe I should at least get a pregnancy test just to be sure, and narrow it down...

In the meantime, did anyone experience anything similar?? Any advice at all??


PS - Sorry if I gave TMI... I am open like that.. LOL