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So I had a tubal liagation on aug of 09 after I had my son.. now about 14months later I am feeling alot of sympotoms of being pregnant, is this possible??


A quick check on wiki for tubal ligation (sic) reveals:

' A tubal ligation is approximately 99% effective in the first year following the procedure.

In the following years the effectiveness may be reduced slightly [...] which can cause unwanted pregnancy.

Method failure is difficult to detect, except by subsequent pregnancy, [...].

*** If pregnancy does occur it carries a 33% chance of being an ectopic pregnancy ***

That last line should scare you silly: but not panic you: you do NOT want an ectopic (in the tubes) pregnancy!

See a doctor sooner, rather than later: like, in the next few days, to discuss the matter, and give him/her a heads up.

If your period is imminent (within a week, no more), I'd be inclined to wait, test for pregnancy on the first day of your missed period, or have the test at your doctor or clinic.

You may need to inform them of the as to the reason and/or schedule a test, if testing requires an appointment.

(don't know how it works in US, I'm UK)

Ultimately, yes, you could be pregnant, and most importantly theres a 1 in 3 (that's high, high, high) that you may have an ectopic pregnancy - sorry to alarm you now, but far better than the consequences of not being aware of it - thank you wiki.