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i went to the docs as had green/yellow discharge and had bleeding through sex only a couple of times when in certain position, as it seems to knock something and become uncomfatable

doctor took a look and said its very mucky up inside with all the discharge and i have a BULKY UTERUS so a swab was took and i have to have another smear, my last one was 2 years ago which was normal
the swab has came back that its NORMAL
i am so worried these something more wrong could anyone please help


The knocking you feel is probably due to a tipped uterus. You can actually feel the penis hitting against it. That can be painful, but there are some positions that are more comfortable for you.
The green/yellow discharge you speak of, does it have an odor?
A green/yellow discharge with an offensive odor is some times a infection called TRICHAMONIS, but your MD would have cought that. But if you still have the discharge, i would call him out on it. Ask for another test and tell him that you really need to know what is going on.

Not much you can do about the tipped uterus. It is uncomfortable for sure.
But like i said, there are positions you can get into that are not painful for you.
One that i WOULD NOT recommend is "doggy style" That freakin hurts for real. o.O o.O o.O OUCH....


thanks for the reply, no it does have any odour now, it did have a smelly odour at first but then it went ,the green discharge started after my last period which was the 3rd may as i do use tampons
doc checked and a tampon hasn't got stuck or anything but she said i need to go for a smear asap as thats adnormal discharge and she said i have a BULKY UTERUS
she said she would of like to see further up but couldn't and yes the swab came back completely normal so it doesn't make sense
would you know what would cause the green discharge then??
i am only 26 i have 3 kids by 2 pregnancies and had c-sections with both i have also had erosion of the cervix in my pregnanices but they couldn't burn it as i was preg's at the time that was 3yrs ago since then but i did have a abortion 2 years ago approx by the tablet form (i was in very early stages of pregnancy only
the doctor has frightnened me