I have had this voice hoarseness for over a year, i smoke weed and drink cold beer. been trying to get it back by drinking hot tea with honey, took some drugs like ampliclox, clarithromycin, rabeprozole for a week and still no changes, i am really sad with my voice because i can not talk in a very noisy place. please advice me what to do. i am going to see a specialist doctor this week. i noticed that the more i take the drugs the worser my voice becomes. the first doctor i aw prescribed the above mentioned drugs and also an oil for steam inhalation, all these process i did for about a week and still no positive report. i recently quit smoking weed a some days ago. now i still drink alcohol but trying to minimize it, i promise never to smoke weed again if i can get my voice back. i don't have any cough as at the moment or pains. but when the problem started over a year ago, i has a serious cough and catarrh for a period of three weeks. please advice me on what to do. thank you