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I love my wife truly she is a most beautiful and intelligent women Avery thing I can ask for. But I need something more watts her or my problem?
My pen us is 14cm and 13cm around but my wife is not having a orgasm.
Only time she have one is when she is masturbating and to be ones if I maser bat my self I enjoy it more than having sex whiff her. Its like wee cant please each adder
This was never the case in my privies relations
And trust me I know I am very good in bed I was wandering if she was maybe to lose for me. And wee cants feel it.
And is it normal for me to want to satisfy a woman by my penis instead of my hands I always used my hands for, for ply (giving orgasm or 2 before satisfying her by making passionate love) giving her more orgasms!
And I know I love her but I am longing to satisfy a woman the way it shoed be
She is bisexual but only want to touché and kiss them not having a intermit relationship
She wants them to come over and, I must sit and watch how she kiss and touch but I am not allowed to join.
And I want to have a 3sim because I want her to see how it shout bee.
I want her to see me please a woman by using my pen us
and not my hands I want to show her what it looks like when 2 people makes out and the sweat runs down her face and her eyes is so fixes on mine and the room is one hart beet like drums going vaster and vaster, she shivers like its winter out on a mountain. oops I get a little carried away but I miss that. what is my destiny doc


Since you're willing to indulge her desire to have sex with women, I think a little reciprocity is in order. Either she lets you play with the girlfriends (if they're into it), either while she plays or after, or she should let you bring your own friends in, if that's what you want. If she's not willing to give a little tit for tat, you might ask yourself why you want to save this relationship.

Personally, I think your best solution would be to find a girl who can help you to make her climax. Bi women understand female sexuality from both sides of the mirror, and usually have enough understanding of men to help you find something that's pleasurable for both of you. You might even want to consider hiring a prostitute. Some of them work great with couples.

As for why she doesn't climax from penetration, don't worry about it. Only about one in three women does. I know it's exciting to be inside a woman while she's coming, but the best way to accomplish this in a woman who only comes from clitoral stimulation is to find positions where you can stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.