I am fourteen years old and my mom is 58 years old. I am the only girl and we fight almost constantly. Some times she can get very easily mad even if I didn't do anything wrong. She likes to compare me to my brothers all the time, and if they make fun of me she doesn't care. But if I say anything wrong about them it is like I am the devil. One time I told my grandfather about one of my brothers plays and he decided he wanted to come. My mom thought I invited him, and since he is like close to 90 years old it is hard for him to move around. Well I said I didn't say that and he just invited himself. This was also a few days after my grandmother died. She just said I was a liar and started to hit me a little. She has done that a few times while calling me a few names. I finally had enough and blacked out and I hit her a few times which I have never done. She then stopped the car and told me to get out. I walked a few steps and she made me get back in. The thing is I am supposed to always forgive her or everyone else, but she/they can never forgive me even for losing one piece of paper. I was then sent away for therapy once a week, and her excuse is that she grew up in a little bit of an abusive home. And then she blames her age and being tired. I don't want to be taken away, but I secretly disdain my mom a little bit. Today was another fight, but she hasn't hit me in a while or so because now I guess she is afraid on if I will stick up for myself again. I try to tell her how I feel, and she says she will change but it seems like our relationship is just holding onto strings. I don't even respect her anymore, and I want our relationship to be fixed some way. Also, with my dads so I can show I can be a better daughter even though I try so hard do be what they want me to be. I don't want to be taken away I just want to know how to fix our relationship. Please Help!