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I am almost 14 and I have a boyfriend three months younger than me he definitely knows and accepts that we are an US and he says it all the time we have been together for more than four months and I'm getting teased because we haven't done anything yet such as dates holding hands or even hugs but I would love to start. I love him with all my heart and he is very kind natured I always think about him and sex in the same thoughts but I'm his first girlfriend an he's my second boyfriend my last cheated on me by having sex in the school toilets with someone else when I was 12 and that's why we're going slow. But how do I let him know without scaring him off I seem to put on a metaphorical mask around everyone accept him but he still doesn't know my true feelings for him and I want this not to be a friend relationship but an intermit and not "fake" one?!


Hey jasmine,

Highschool can make you feel a lot of different things. But don't let the pressure of having sex be one of them, and four months is not a long time honey. Let your guys love bloom. Before you do anything that could cause a big affect. But I've been In The same shoes as you were years ago. But like I said don't let highschool make all the decisons. Its no ones business if you guys don't hold hands or hug or kiss . Take control . And talk to him about it , let him know you want him
To open up more and show his feelings towards you . But don't rush him if he's not ready either . Just enjoy the time you have lovebug. Don't do anything you might regret later like sex. Wait until you absolutely are sure. My biggest mistake was losing it a young age to someone I thought loved me . Don't confuse the two honey . Love and sex are two different things . But good luck I hoped I helped lol .

Just talk to him about showing his feelings towards you .