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I have been involved with a 30 years old man for about 7 months. He is very tall, good looking, and extremely sexy. He is a big flirt. But most men will try to make sure you are satisified or at least their egos will make them want you to think they are the best lover you ever had. This man does not like to kiss, said he never has. He will kiss me but not passionate and always kisses me ( just a 2 second kiss) goodbye. He will just lay back and let me pleasure him and will touch me but it's like he is very distant. When we are in the actual act he does not kiss my neck or anything he will hardly touch me at all. If I am on top he will hold me with one hand, put the other on the bed and just close his eyes and turn his head. I feel like his blow up doll. There are times when he looses his erection in the middle of it...

Now I know you are thinking I must look like a dog. But I am not ugly by no means and have guys hitting on me often. I have been in several relationships and had no complaints nor been treated like this before. I know one other woman he went with a few years ago and she said he was the same with her. And he told me things he likes about me, etc.

We were texting the other day and I told him I loved sex. he said he didn't. So I said are you gay? If you are then it's ok. He waited for couple minutes and replied: LOL... Seriously... I said yea, it would explain a lot and you said you didn't like sex. He said I do love sex. Honestly I just am in it just to get off, I am selfish sorry. But he never said he wasn't gay. His sister is. And I know that doesn't make him gay but just letting you know. He told me the other day that my feelings for him scared him. I said why? If I were in love with you why would that scare you? He said I don't know. Why does it have to be love? He doesn't like me to stare at him during sex. There has been times after we had sex, I would not hear from him and he would ignore me at work for a few days. Saying that is how he deals with things and tried to sort them out. Then a few days later he calls me.

He said he was like this with all the women he has been with. I really don't buy that answer, that he is just in it to get himself off. for one reason he had kept this relationship going for 7 months and it's not because other women don't want him. I work with him and he is one of the hotest men there. I don't think he is seeing anyone else because it would have gotten out by now. He is a neat freak, likes his socks and belt to match his pants.

He has a big ego and is arrogrant at times. So wouldn't that make him want to try to be the best lover you ever had so you would brag to other woman? To be honest most of the time I am thinking: damn I shaved my legs for this?.. By the way, He has been like this since day one.  Help, What do you think????


Try to get him in the mood by trying to make him give you a tongue or something. Try to give him something that he would REALLY want!