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My boyfriends not a virgin, and I am. I got a cold sore today and started reading home remedies and all that, then noticed that it said cold sores were caused by herpes. Which, worries me a bit. I've never seen my boyfriend have a cold sore, or anything. Granted, we've never crossed 'the line' but still. It worries me that he could possibly have something without either of us knowing. And I just want somebody elses opinion on it before i bring it up to him tomorrow morning.


Hi Guest,
I think you do need to have a discussion with him, being that he is not a virgin. Find out if he has had this before, and if he has been tested. Sometimes, the herpes virus will "lay dormant"... perhaps not rearing its ugly head until a very stressful or traumatic event. But cold sores and genital herpes come from 2 different types of the herpes symplex virus....I will give you some information below after this paragraph. It would also be a good idea, if you are really concerned to see if you could call your md, and see if he/she might speak with you on the phone about this issue, as cold sores are so very common. One other thought comes to mind, find out if this is a possible canker sore not a herpes caused. The canker sores are usually ulcerations....Here is some information"

"Cold Sores"... are caused by a type of herpes virus, but it is rarely the same virus strand of herpes that cause the genital herpes.
Cold Sores are typically the herpes symplex 1 (HSV1) virus.
Genital Herpes on the other hand is caused by a strand of the herpes virus called herpes symplex 2 (HSV2)

It is possible to transfer the HSV1 through oral sex, as well as it is possible to transfer the HSV2 virus to the mouth with oral sex
Cold sores are very common, it is said that as much as 80 % of the american population have been exposed to the HSV1.

A person who might have come in contact with the herpes virus 1 may never even get the cold sores, due to the fact their immune system is supressing it well.

Now, again.... are you sure this is not a canker sore? A canker sore is very different. Canker sores or ulcerations are usually on the lip or the mucous area. They are caused by a number of things....stress, some trauma to the mouth, allergies, or a reaction to a particular bacteria. But they are usually not contagious.

A herpes sore is usually caused by oral nothing further to be said about that. Hope this helps



hey i have a question i am a virgin but my boyfriend is not. We have just started playing around you can say and we went a lil farther then we both planed he put the head in me then he pulled out real quick out then he ejaculated and i am kinda worried? can i get pregnant. Or and std. please someone tell me.