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I had RD surgery which formed a terrible cataract followed by cataract surgery. Could not see until after cataract surgery. Immediately notice wavy/distored letters, lines and objects. Upon questioning Cataract surgeron relunctatly he said he thought it was a retinal issue. Went back to retinal surgeron (2 months after operation) and he said it was not a retinal problem it was an opthimalogy issue and I should see the cararact surgeon. I then told him that the cataract surgeron referred me to him.  He then said he would confer with cataract surgeon and get back to me. Retinal surgeon said it was not a macular detachment. 

1. has anyone seen improvement with the wavy/distorted letters, lines and objects - and if so how long before improvement. As much detail as possible would be most helpful to all of us

2. has anyone sued their surgeon. Was it successful. Please provide as much information as possible.  Obviously the goal is to reduce or eliminate the wavy vision but absent this something has gone wrong as a result of the surgery.


i had rd surgery on 8/14/19 and it is 2/5/20 and I am still seeing wavy vision and only have 20/60 in left eye,they keep telling me its still healing, very aggravating.