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Hello there you all, I have had a retinal re-attachment surgery last 2003, with a giant macular retinal tear. The operation was successfull though my doctor was not able to restore my normal vision, because 14 days has passed before the operation was made due to medical inaccessibilty. Before I forget, it was only my left eye, that got this problem. Also, the same eye has been operated for cataract and IOL implanted 3 years before the retinal detachment. My left eye post operation vision after retinal re-attachment was 20/80, but I'm having problem now because whenever I'm a bit tired or when head movement is to much, the said left eye is getting blurred, but when I am at rest or idle the vision will return to its normal 20/80 vision. Can anyone here tell me what the problem was? Thank you so much.


Hello there freedie



It seems that you have a lot of experience in eye disorders and disease and that you know more than anyone else on this forum so I am wondering why you don’t ask your doctor about your concerns.

Usually my vision gets blurred when I am working all day (unfortunately I am spending around 16 hours on my computer) and when I want in the evening to get relax and I choose some book to read after 15-20 minutes my vision gets blurred and I must stop for some time with reading.

I don’t know if your problem is same like mine and I highly doubt in that but just maybe it is the same. Anyway keep us posted about solution.