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I hd sex wid my boyfriend on 29thOct ... My cycle was supposed to  start on 1st Nov...but now it's delayed by 8 days....we hadd a protected sex..nd we both have checked the condom it was safe....the sperm was there in the condom.... day before yesterday I evn had a pregnancy test nd it came m hvin bit cramps.....headache...nausea....gastric issue....please let me know whether I m pregnant or not...m very much worried..



Hi Guest,

If your period was due to start 2 days after having sex it is VERY unlikely you are pregnant.  You would have been at/near your lowest fertility.  The egg was not viable.

You can just be late.  Your symptoms are NOT specific to pregnancy, you could have an illness.

A home pregnancy test can take up to two weeks after having sex to indicate pregnancy.  Even then, they are only really reliable when they indicate pregnant.