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So , me and my girlfriend tried to have sex . I put my condom on . She wasn’t sure she wanted to do this because she has a terrible fear of pain . Anyway , i tried to place my penis inside her ( the condom was well placed with no air ). My penis didn’t even enter the vagina to penetrate her (there wasn’t any blood) and she wanted to stop saying she can’t do this . I understood and then tested to see if the condom broke or something . It didn’t . Now when she reached home she told me this week her cycle is starting . 20 minutes ago she texted me and said her ovaries hurt and there isn’t any blood coming out . So , maybe this is a dumb question and maybe i am too stupid or too scared , but is she pregnant ? I repeat , the condom didn’t break , i didnt even ejaculate and didn’t even penetrate her to the point of bleeding . I think she told to stop when i was about to put it in . So please someone tell me quickly if it’s just her body and nor pregnancy


Hi Scared,

She is not pregnant.

Having sex within about 10 days of her period STARTING she is not likely to get pregnant.  She is at her lowest fertility.  The egg is not viable.