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Hi. So I have a problem and I'm really scared. I hope someone can help.

I had sex with my boyfriend on Oct 27th (night) and Oct 28th (morning) but we were safe and used a condom. However I'm not on any other method of birth control and am worried I could be pregnant. He pulled out every time except once but we checked the condom after and it was still full with no holes, breaks or tears. It was both our first time so we're both nervous about the consequences but I'm beside myself with worry! I can't concentrate on anything. We also had sex (again with a condom) the following week (Nov 3rd and Nov 4th) but he did pull out every time then. Condom still had no breaks or tears. Both times I wasn't ovulating though. I worked out my ovulation date was Oct 31st. My periods are usually between 28-31 days but today is 32 and I'm getting really worried. Could I be pregnant? I'v had my usual period symptoms with about 5-7 days now (not 100% sure though) of sore breasts, nausea, extremely moody and emotional and cramps but still no period. I read that pregnancy symptoms are near enough identical to PMS and iv been urinating a lot which is a symptom of pregnancy. I am extremely stressed over this and i know that stress can delay your period but what do you think the chances are of me being pregnant? I really cant afford to be as I'm too young. Someone please help me!!! :'( 


Hey honey what happened with you? I been having sex for about almost a year. I always use condoms they never break or tare anything you should be fine. & it he pulls out right before you should be fine. Remember though be careful. My period is always getting late sometimes & I think I'm pregnant but I'm really not. Stay calm because freaking out isn't going to help take deep breaths and relax.