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For the past month or two i have noticed some weird things when i poop, i have no problems with pooping nothing has changed at all but sometimes i feel like its a little poop and it comes out as a little stringy mush thing, i have no clue what it is i have searched all over for the internet, half of the things look nothing like it but i wouldn't know. i have no pains no symptoms just this weird jelly stuff. all though it does look like mucus sometimes it comes out the color of my poop though but its mostly whitish and some small mucus stuff around it in the water. it doesn't move it doesn't really look like a worm i have no clue. it kinda bothered me though now enough to come post on here. im 15 i do drink some what a lot of soda but i do drink water too. i always eat EVERYTHING so its kinda hard to narrow down what i eat. Also its never gotten worse or better its just kinda there.



You may be experiencing a loose bowel and the mucus may be an excess production by the gut in response to certain foods you eat.  You may have a gluten sensitivity.  If this is the case, then I suggest you keep away from bread made of white flour.  If you must eat bread, then get whole wheat bread that contains a fair amount of fiber.  You might try eating oatmeal for breakfast for soluble and insolbule fiber to clean out your gut.  The other thing is you could do a colon cleanse.  Colon cleanses come in pill and liquid forms and are available at your local pharmacy or vitamin shop.  You might try that for one to two weeks and clean up your system and then eat foods that contain fiber to keep you gut working properly.