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I've had problems with my stomach (looks like I am 9 months pregnant).

I went to a gastroenterologist and he had to do three colonoscopys because nothing would clear me out.

I was bent over the other day in such pain so my Dr. told me to get right to ER.

After 8 hours, they took blood tests, an ex-ray.

I was told I needed an enema since the e-ray showed so much waste that was in there.

That didn't work as well as they thought, but they released me saying that there was nothing else they could do.

I was given a bottle of ? which is used to prep for colonoscopys and I took the next day. Still not much relief.

I eat lots of fiber, salads, high fiber cereal, prunes, prune juice and I am suffering again today.

My brother is a physician and suggested that Dr. take a biopsy and also a nerve test on my colon.

Anybody have any answers.

It's gotten to the point where I feel so full that I leave so much food behind, but am not losing weight.

Help me please!

Mary Ann


I dont know if this helps but that sounds ALOT like what i suffered from......too much fiber...sounds like you are panicking and overdoing the fiber... salds and wheat fiber are hard to digest and cause gas and bloating. Here's what I did: ease up on the fiber,drink about a half gallon water every day, get a really good probiotic, and take enzymes with every meal. In the morning I have a larabar (trader joes and most west coast food stores have them) also "prana" bars are good)with 16 oz. of water and an enzyme, for lunch a turkey sandwich, easy on the lettuce, an enzyme, and 16 oz. water,for dinner, oatmeal, pea soup, yogurt (something easy to digest) and more water, also, if you can find it, slim tea (in the diet section of albertsons)

I have to be careful what I eat, as I find many foods hard to digest ESPECIALLY fiber.

hope this helps some..........most important!!!! probiotics!!!! go to a really good health food store and see what they suggest.

This one rocks but its kinda spendy



try Nutri Clean 7 day clean and the digestive enzymes with Probiotics. the advanced fiber power works wonders as well to help with keeping the bacteria required for good digestion health healthy. The products are very inexpensive. Mike