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Hello everyone,

For the past I would say 2 months I've started to notice an interesting thing. I'll be sitting there and I'll tense up my body just simply by focusing really hard, and I'll feel a really strange tingling sensation all over my body. Im wondering if this is a normal thing everyone else can do or is this something I should check up on.



I used to do that as a young child, then some 8 or 9 years later developed motor tics (not directly as a result, mind! I have always had tics) that have the same feeling or "aura" as I think they are called beforehand to the tingling you describe.

I think it is just you inducing a state of "hypersensitivity" in your body, perhaps to the room temperature, slight breezes or the fabric on your body.
it genuinely is a curious thing. I don't know mysef the definate cause.

Generally, the doctor is for when your body isn't working properly, so if it isn't hurting you or stopping you from functioning, it doesn't need to be seen to unless it's really starting to bug you. especially as you say you trigger it yourself, its like saying "I find when I nip myself it hurts" - he or she'll probably tell you to stop doing it!


Could be slightly diabetic and you should see a qualified doctor. I do not suggest going to a urgent care to be tested. Try to set a appointment with a doctor that speacializes in diabetes.

My case was unique
West county water
ground water wells
neenach aquifer

It comes on randomly sometimes not for days. Bam it happens. My hands feel clamy numb and tingling with extreme pain. I find it hard to breath and my heart pumps really slow.

I honestly think its a heart attack everytime. It is a very unpleasant long lasting feeling.

Usually i just lay down till i recover.

My doctor ask me what my eating sleeping excercise habits have been. I respond very healthy on all. Just not today its 2 am and i can sleep.

Well i recived a toxin test result and there were high traces of poisons in my body. Really bad poisens such as Arsenic. This is what they use to kill just about anything.

Next where did it come from

So a water report was issued and here are the results

Nitrate 13.3
calcium 39.0
magnesium 7.0
potassium 2.0
arsenic 17.0
bicarbonate 170
sulfate 37.0
chloride 10.0
lead 15 ug/l
copper 1300 ug/l

Now im sure these results have been adjusted in fear of a bigger lawsuit.
The state detected many violations in all counts.

Now the point of this is? As soon as i stopped drinking tap water and moved on to bottled water the sensations started to slowly stop. Lots of cranberry juice and better eating. I am a new person. Test form docs still show traces but there not adding up anymore.
You should see a doctor now!


Well I had a full complex blood test and everything was perfect, I think that it's just me discovering things about my body, I am only 19 :-D