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i get this sensation sometimes. theres no real trigger for it. it just happenes randomly. its been happening since i was a kid and i'm 21 now. some examples of what it seems has caused it to happen before are as a child while watching a puppet show and when i was being read a story to. as a teenager when a classmate did me a favor and when a friend drew on the palm of my hand with markers. sometimes it happens for no reason at all that i can tell, though. i'll just be sitting or whatever doing whatever and it happens. its like in my head and all over my body. if i get an itch when i'm experiencing the sensation i won't scratch it cause the itch helps intensify it. i also like to trace my fingers along my skin because it feels good when experiencing the sensation. sometimes my eyes will water. when the sensation is over i will sometimes feel nauseous, but not that bad. just a slight hint of nausea. what is it?? i'm not complaining cause i love it, but i'm just wondering what it might be... help.


I think I know what you may be talking about. I was looking for an answer to a similar question when I found your post. Since I was a child I got this strange sensation in my head. It happens to me, I discovered, when certain people talk, especially when they talk slowly, or when people move slowly, or when even sometimes someone is driving slowly. It seems to happen more around older people who seem to have few cares. I love the feeling, but I have not found anyone else who has experienced it. It is like this tingling in my scalp. The only way I can discribe it is like a silvery sparkle through my head and brain... almost like a sort of head orgasm, but there is nothing sexual about it. I've found I can have that feeling when listening to guided meditation tapes and I have trained myself to let it happen more, though I find I have to take breaks between voices because they lose the ability to give me the feeling after a while. What is this? Is this the same feeling you were describing?


This happens to me too. I've never been able to find a name for it.. or ever met anyone else who has had an even somewhat similar experience. I would appreciate it if anyone who see's this tries to give me an explanation or somewhere to go to find more information on this sensation. Also it is like bean487 said, a 'tingling in my scalp' and it does happen more often when talking to elderly people. It is really weird, but VERY enjoyable. Thanks in advance for any help. :-)



I get this too; I have no idea what it is or what causes it.
It's like this strange ...well, you guys said it already, head orgasm. It usually only lasts for a few minutes, and as far as I know no residual after effects.

I wonder what the hell it is. It feels damn good, but could it be something damaging?


I'll chime in here as another person that experiences this. It almost feels like getting goose bumps all around my scalp. The tingling sensation fades in and out in waves of heightened intensity. Aside from an actual orgasm, it's probably the most enjoyable sensation possible.

It is generally triggered when other people near me are paying close attention to a task. Examples of this include: filling out a form, drawing a picture, fixing a small device, playing a game, etc. I have no idea why these things cause it or what is actually happening physiologically to me, but it feels amazing.

I don't experience the nausea reported by the other poster.

If anyone knows anything about this, I would love to finally understand this.


I'm glad to see that some other people also experience this. I've tried google'ing tons of different keywords that relate to this but I haven't had any luck other than getting this same link tons of times, lol. PLEASE, if ANYONE knows any information on this thing, pleaseeee reply. For the time being I'm going to call it WHS meaning Weird Head Sensation, haha. :-)

P.S.- WHS hasn't happened to me in quite a while no matter how hard I try to trigger it.. it's as if now that I know other people experience it, it doesn't happen to me nearly as often. :-(


Hi All,

I have had this "Attention Induced Head Orgasm" (AIHO) for as long as I can remember. I got it once really good when I was getting knobbed but I think it was the attention that mattered not the sexual stuff. I think I get his when someone is paying direct attention to me. I have not noticed a correlation with it being from older people, but come to think of it I do not think it has ever happened from being around a kid.

I just had it happen when reading an email from a friend who has a yoga/wellnes center. He has helped me in the past with direct attention so this was really weird to get it from reading the email. The email was not even to me, just a braodcast about his wellness business. I would love to know how to make this happen more often.

In Serach of AIHO!


Hey, I've been googling more stuff (lol) and I think maybe I might have narcolepsy.. I'm not sure if AIHO is related to it or if other people who experience AIHO have narcolepsy or vice versa. If anyone knows a proper term for AIHO please reply.


I experience all of this... the tingling, the euphoria, etc.

It is when people are talking about nothing to each other, tinkering with something intently, or talking on the phone sometimes. I even had the feeling once when someone was talking to me quietly. I told my wife about it and I think she thought some guy was making me feel "hot".


I have been classified with Narcolepsy though. sleep tests and all!


Finding people who experience this sensation are certainly hard to find. I did actually come across an analysis of this 'condition' a few years ago. It even had a name but darned if I can find the article again.
Most of the sensations described above match what I've felt but the artical also mentioned that it is not usually experienced around people well known like family members and close friends. Also, either gender can set the feeling off.
Personally, watching someone up close while they concentrate on a task is what does it for me. The last time it happened was when I was watching 'Seven Years in Tibet' and the Tibetan girl was measuring up Brad Pitt up for a suit. A scene with close up shots and quiet talk which caught every inflection in the voice.


I'm another one with this euphoric "brain-gasm," and this is the first forum I've found that really nails it as far as what it is and how it feels. and yes, it really is euphoric. I would totally get waves of it when watching the kids I babysat draw, complete tasks, or do anything that's focused yet quiet and calm like that. My eyes to do tend to water a bit, and I try not to really move or think or anything too much as to not have it go away.

I also get in while in a library, especially with people working at computers. Oddly enough (I haven't seen it mentioned yet), listening to someone CHEW GUM can even be strangely satisfying (and at times gross). I never met anyone before that talks about this or has even experienced it. Would love to see the article the last poster referred to.


I definitely don't have narcolepsy...but I have experienced this same thing since I was a kid. Mine is always related to watching someone concentrate or do something slowly. I used to fall asleep watch billiards because I could get that feeling a lot. I've wondered most of my life what it was and would love to know more about it. It is definitely a great feeling. I never associated it with older people or people talking--just concentrating on a task. It's so weird though...and I was shocked to find other people describing it like this.


Same thing happens to me, I wish that there was a way that I could control it and do it when ever I want. I feel like if I were to concentrate enouph maybe there is a way I could do it myself.


I also get AIHO.
I've gotten it since I was very young; I'm 18 now.

I most commonly get it when someone concentrates on something that is mine. But it is not limited to only my things. it just happens most often with them.
Like, someone proof reads my essay in front of me.
Or someone takes interest in something I have, and they examine it.

One of the earliest I can remember is a friend in class in 2nd grade thought my pencil holder was cool and picked it up to look at it.

My most recent was about a minute ago, which prompted me to google.
It was not a usual trigger though.
I was filling out a online survey for a guy who need info to design a guitar amp for a class.
I suppose I felt it knowing he would see my responses and they would mean something.

It's almost a fascination in knowing someone else is thinking about something.

I've never heard anyone else talk about it, so I always wondered if it was just me.

I wish it happened more, though.


I knew other people had to have this, I've had it for as long as I remember. Mostly what sets it off is when people gesture with their hands while talking. I used to watch TV evangelists talk and tell their bible stories and I would just ride the 'brain-gasm' for hours sometimes. I wish I could take a drug to set it off, it rivals ecstasy at times.