i think i know the answer is a cyst but wanna ask u guys ur opinion ive tried getting into my doctors but getting past the receptionist is like breaking into fort knox.

Okay here we go im a 30yr old male and i shave my pubic hair except when im working nights because im then on for fourteen nights each night working 14hrs and to be honest there isnt enough hours in the day so i keep it nicely trimmed and i also dont wear underwear.

Now because, as my girlfriend puts it im a hot bod i have a bath daily each evening before work or before tea and i use aloe vera wipes first thing in the mornin to wash my scrotum and penis but 3 days ago i noticed a small lump about half the size of a pea. Now it didnt wory me because ive had them before over the years mainly when im run down and they simlpy go in a day or two.

But i must of had a restless sleep and scratched it because the top seems red and when i squeeze the lump a colourless liquid comes out not lots just enough to cover the top of your finger and then its sore for about an hour and then no pain but i can feel it as my clothes rub against it.

Now if its a cyst can you tell me wots the best thing to do because i did have a cyst on my leg 3 yrs ago and i just got my girlfriend to use a pin and i screamed to high heaven and i dont really fancy doing that in that area. And if its not give ideas what it could be and remedies.

Cheers in advance