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I would like to hear some things about natural holistic healing. What are its advantages, if any over standard medical treatment? I ask this because my girlfriend would like to start studying it and I guess I just want some info about it from someone who has experience in it.


I cannot say that I have much experience in it but I can tell you what I have heard from my friend that is into that stuff. Holistic healing is a type of alternative healing and it emphasizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It includes natural health remedies (herbal meds) and promotes healthy way of living and wellness products.


The Advantages of Holistic Healing

Holistic medicine aims to treat the entire patient, including his emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs.

The Mind-Body Connection
Many diseases are profoundly affected by a patient's emotional state. By addressing the emotional and physical effects of disease, holistic medicine helps eliminate a core underlying cause.

Limiting Complications
One of the strongest features of this approach is that it emphasizes treatments that are unlikely to cause side effects or complications.

The treatment methods used in holistic medicine are generally less expensive than those prescribed by allopathic, or mainstream, medical professionals.

Philosophical Considerations
Advocates of holistic medicine believe that this approach to healing, which focuses on the patient rather than the illness, can help create a more loving, diverse, integrated culture of medicine.