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Hello everyone,

Few months ago, two to be exact, my sister from Holland brought me OxyElite Pro diet pills. Yesterday, I was cleaning my home and I found two package of those pills, they are still useable. So, I’ve decided to start using them, and I’ve decided to search something about it. I found a lot of facts that are worried, and I really need to hear your advice about those diet pills. Can you tell me do you know what have been happened with OxyEllite Pro diet pills?

Are they safe to use?

Please, let me know, I am  really scared! 


Good day there,

Those pills are pulled from the shelves two or three years ago, after 29 liver failure cases in Hawaii, but just in Hawaii as far as I know. After that, they are pulled worldwide as well, because of it’s bad side – effects. That is what have happened. I am not sure that happened lately, but we all know that the company stands by the safety of this products, of those diet pills, and I know that this company is cooperating with FDA, like all the time. Maybe you should consult this doctor about this question, because we really can’t help you!

Have a nice day!



Hey there,

You are totally right CatherineB. I was doing some research about those pills, and I’ve found out the same thing about this. I really don’t want to scare you, but I know that those pills are connected with death as well. I am not sure if this is true, but you might check this out before trying those pills. Some of my friends told me that they lost their weight and they stopped taking them because they were pulled out of the market. That is all I really do know. I am not sure what to tell you more.

Good luck and be careful!