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Hi there,

My brother is an athlete. He is so professional at this, what he is doing, and my whole family is so proud at him. But, in the last month, he gained 6 kilograms. He was in depression, because his gf broke up with him, and he stopped with his trainings.

Now, in the 10 days I think, he has some championship and he needs to lose his weight. He was thinking to use some diet pills, and Oxy Ellite Pro fat burners are his first choice.

Can you use OxyElite Pro fat burners if you are an athlete?

Let me know what do you think. 


Hi you,

Of course you can. OxyElite Pro is just one of those fat burners, of those pills that are available in the market today, for everyone. I believe that a lot of athletes are using those diet pills. So, you need to choose one product because it has some good reviews. And, I know that this one claims to provide the ultimate fat incinerating formula.

But, if he is professional, than tell him to consult someone about those diet pills. A lot of things are connected with this.

I wish you good luck, because the search of the ideal pills can be long. 



Hello there,

yes, if you are an athlete, you can use fat burners. Oxy Elite Pro fat burner was one of the best products on the market lately, but you know that there were some problems from this manufacturers. I don’t know how much do you know about this, but you should tell your brother to consult someone who is an expert in this area. I am not sure, but I believe that until that day, he can lose his pounds with some good diet program and exercising.

I would not recommend this fat burner, that is my advice. Good luck in whatever he wants to use.