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I have bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia and it has been pretty well controlled with medications. I have to take Topamax for the right side of my face and Tegretol for the left side of my face. My face has been feeling sort of strange for a few days and today when I woke up I had pain in my right eye. It hurts when my eyelid opens and closes. It isn't unbearable pain, but very uncomfortable. I noticed that I also had some minor pain in my jaw on the right side. I have not missed any of my medication and I have never had any pain like this before in my eye. Is there some kind of pain reliever medication you can get to put in your eye or some other treatment?


Since you are well familiar with your condition I believe that you are aware that the best thing you can do is to consult with your doctor.

I believe that there are some things you shouldn’t be playing with. If your eye hurts when you are opening and closing it than definitely don’t experiment on your own but instead visit your doctor and consult with him what is the best solution to this problem.

Please let us know what the doctor said and I hope that everything is going to be fine. Keep us posted and good luck.