Hi. My husband was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in early 2006 and had the gamma knife procedure done in Dec. 2006. He did fine, no pains at all immediately after the procedure. However, in Feb. of this year he started to have tinglings again which quickly developed into pains, although not as bad as before the procedure. His doctor has put him back on Cymbalta and he also put him on Neurontin (was not on this before) and renewed his prescription for Lortab. My husband basically refuses to accept that he can no longer drink alcohol while on these med's, even though he has had several incidents due to drinking. Meanwhile, my good friend's husband was recently put on Cymbalta for back pain and he also does not want to stop drinking. Both men have uncharacteristic anger and rage when drinking since on Cymbalta and I am wondering if this is common or if others have the same problem. Is the fact that this is an antidepressant causing them to not care what's best for their bodies?