I have had a bitter taste in my mouth for the last few days and at first did not realize it was me and not the food I was tasting ( resulting in me insisting on throwing away all the bolognese sauce my husband had made for freezing) it's been several days and every day I hope it will have resolved. I researched the issue and all the medical causes but found the responses to a similar post by Sandi 18 in 2011 on this site really helpful. One of the responses was that someone had found an article on line in Netherlands about pine nuts causing it and a lot of people replied on Sandi's post that they had eaten pine nuts too. So had I in a seed mix for salads my sister sent me ( incidentally from Netherlands too!) and it was after that that I started having this very bitter taste in my mouth. It was mixed seeds and one of my mouthfuls tasted as if a few had gone rancid. My question is how long will this bitter taste go on for and what is it with pine nuts?