This came on suddenly about two weeks ago. I had had some frozen oj that I made up with water and it tasted like medicine. I gulped down almost a glass then noticed the bad taste and threw the rest of the juice out. Concurrent with that was a homemade baked good that someone gave me that had been made with lard, which you could taste. I felt myself feeling strange just after and was in and out of sleep all that night with a feeling that my body was too alkaline, a taste in my mouth again like too alkaline, maybe too fatty. Lower esophagus was bubbling and rumbling all night. All very uncomfortable. Tongue coated, mouth tasted awful. Oddly, the whites of my eyes got red, which they never do. This redness went away next day but the tip of my nose got red. That has gone away, and I feel a bit more normal, but still have such a bad taste in mouth I have to wake up to brush teeth and never had this before. Still have lard like taste in mouth, and bubbling in lower esophagus, very tired. Had some tests done for heavy metals, drugs ect but nothing showed up. Do not smoke or drink or do drugs, am vegetarian.