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What device can I buy to suck out Very thick and sticky phlegm, mucous yuck that gets Stuck in my throat? It's so bad sometimes It wont budge! I've seen 9 Drs. and a year later NO relief!  I have tried mucinx, nasal sprays, neli meds and pilocarpine because I have sjogerns(is this why or do I have yet another disorder, any meds that will help me?) I do have a whole slew of autoimmune disorders. I believe I NEED a suction device to help loosen and remove this disgusting YUCK! It always gets worse while eating. I feel it coming on and have to go spit in the midst of eating. I spit ALL day, carry a spit bag everywhere, even in the car I fear it will actually obstruct my breathing at some point and I won't be able to get it cleared! It is exhausting and frightening at times and it's definently reuining my life  PLEASE  HELP!!!



This is just an idea, but it might be worth trying - ask your doctor to prescribe you some of the asthma inhalers. They work by helping the mucous from lungs to disperse. Also, there are medications given through vaporizers that help people who are suffering from chronic pulmonary obstruction - they too face the situation where they can't breathe because thick mucus blocks the airways.

So, all and all the only way I see for you to get help is to see a pulmonologist, there are treatments to thin out the mucous, but you first need to find out it's source.

Wish you all the best,