I have multiple autoimmune disorders and for at least a year I've been having issues with thick saliva, choking and when I eat I get this disgusting rush of mucous. I have to go spit several times while eating. This can be a rather lengthy process. I spit all throughout the day and evening as well. I always have to have a spit bag in my car (or wherever I go) and have to use it all the time. I have anywhere from hard chunks that trigger an "episode" of coughing spitting and sometimes choking on the disgusting yuck! It doesn't matter what I eat, it always gets worse and sometimes it's so thick it gets all around my mouth and chin when trying to spit out all this YUCK! It's absolutely exhausting and with all my other challenges sometimes I just feel like throwing in the towel! I have RA, Sjogerns, Raynauds, Graves, and reflux/gurd. Drs. differ on several of my challenges. I also have UC or Crohns, Barretts, Achalasha, Hypertensive LES? PLEASE help me find answers, I am totally exhausted! btw...I have seen two ENT's an Xray when I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't breath because it's so thick and was stuck in my throat, and it came out that my lungs are clear. Yes I've seen an allergist and I did not react to anything! I am on a lot of meds and I only went off a few before the allergy tests. I'm on meds for depression, pain, reflux, energy and meds to produce saliva etc.. I was put on that to help the flow. I have used mucinex and I get even more of it on my face... Grrr I would be ever so grateful if you could help. Thank you so much! ~b